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Off-Market Commercial Real Estate, Good Price, Less Negotiating

Another advantage of using an off-market listing is that sellers do not generally have to go through a large number of showings. Buyers are often the very few who can make their offers in privacy with the potential of acquiring the investment property without the tradition negotiations of real estate purchases. Off-Market real estate is a win-win for buyers and sellers

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  • Off-Market, Shopping Centers & Hotels.

  • 1) Palm Beach, Shopping Center

    A shopping center located in Palm Beach County, Florida, strong occupancy, major anchor tenants, approximately $100 Million, selling price.

    2) Palm Beach, Flagged  Hotel 

    Located in Palm Beach County, Florida and has approximately 90 doors. I would rate this hotel as a B level flag, with a very good track record for room occupancy with room receipts grossing in excess of $2 million annually. The asking price is $11 million. This is an older building constructed in 1970, which has meticulously maintained and upgraded by the sellers.

    3) Palm Beach, Flagged Hotel  

    Located in Palm Beach County, Florida and has approximately 60 doors, also as a B level flag. Price is $8 million, firm. Any potential buyer should be prepared to furnish either an LOI or a POF upon request and demonstrate that they are capable of closing within 120 days. It is my understanding that the CAP rate for this hotel is a solid 7-8%

    Fraud Prevention & Deterrence

  • Florida Real Estate, Certified Fraud Examiner
    Knowing who you hire to buy, sell or market your property is essential in building an honest and long term relationship.

    As a CFE I have been trained into four disciplines of fraud: Fraud Examination and Investigation, Criminology and Ethics, Financial Transactions, and Legal Elements of Fraud. You can be assured that your investments are safeguarded by me. 

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  • Off-Market,  Multi Family, Commercial Listings.

  •  4) 150 Unit, Multi-Family Property

    Located in Miami-Dade County in need of rehab for 40K per unit. Excellent project for rehab and continued consistent cash flow. $6 Million.

    5) 4 Buildings, Totaling 34 Doors

    In Palm Beach County. The current tenant maintains the entire property and will be paying a monthly rent of $38,000 commencing July 1, 2015. The only responsibility of the owner is to pay taxes and insurance, annually for this property. The CAP rate is approximately 8 to 10% and the asking price is $4.6 million.

    6) 350 Condominium Units

    Currently approved to have 350 condominium units and villas built on the 32 acres of beachfront land. With the gradual slope, all units can have a direct ocean view. Discussions are also currently underway regarding the possibility of slot machines. The project owners are offering all 32-acres complete with architectural plans for $25 million USD.

    7) 180-Unit, Apartment Community

    Subject property is a stabilized, garden style, 180-unit apartment community located in the city of Lauderhill, Florida, which is in Broward County. The community was constructed in 1974 of concrete block composition with painted stucco and flat, built-up mansard roofs. The property consists of 40 one-bedroom/one-bathroom units measuring approximately 825 rentable square feet and 140 townhouse style two-bedroom/one-and-a-half bathroom units measuring approximately 1,000 rentable square feet. $16M.

    Purchasing or selling Commercial Real Estate in Florida,  please read our information on financing.

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